We have world class training center for PHP and MySQL Training, the training modules are full of practical knowledge and professional project training. See the modules included as follows.

PHP Intro

  1. PHP Install, Syntax
  2. PHP Variables ,String
  3. PHP Operators
  4. If...Else,Switch, Arrays, PHP Looping
  5. PHP Functions
  6. PHP Forms
  7. PHP $_GET

PHP Basic

  1. Array functions,Calendar functions, Date functions
  2. Directory functions, Error functions
  3. Filesystem functions, Filter functions
  4. FTP functions, HTTP functions
  5. Mail functions
  6. Math functions, Misc functions
  7. MySQL functions, SimpleXML functions
  8. String functions XML Parser functions, Zip functions

PHP Advanced

  1. PHP Date, PHP Include
  2. PHP File, PHP File Upload, PHP Cookies, PHP Sessions
  3. PHP E-mail, PHP Secure E-mail
  4. PHP Error, PHP Exception, PHP Filter

PHP Database

  1. MySQL Introduction
  2. MySQL Connect
  3. MySQL Create, MySQL Insert
  4. MySQL Select, MySQL Where, MySQL Order By
  5. MySQL Update, MySQL Delete, ODBC

Open Source, Joomla Introduction, Oscommerce Introduction

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