SEO Services

Ipshita desired One provides SEO services which could be measured in terms of ROI ( Return on Investment) in a short span of time. The SEO services are provided right on target of getting lot of traffic on customer website, we believe SEO service is only successful when the client gets meaningful traffic as well as desired number of conversions from the leads. We don't believe in false promises, we follow an organic search engine optimization practice, that is time consuming but gives a long term advantage with all meaningful traffic, higher conversion ration.
We would like to describe our SEO process as follows.

Analyzing Client Website

Our SEO executive will study your website architecture, its loading performance, and meta-tags on each page, navigation scheme, webpage content, search engine compatibility and back links.

The objective of this exercise is to find the necessary changes to improve overall readability in crawler-based search engines and to eliminate any website indexing issues. Changing some areas of your website's structure and web design can improve the number of pages that are indexed and will increase chances that your pages will be ranked higher on search engines.

Competition Analysis

As an best SEO company we know how important it is to analyze your competition, detailed analysis is conducted to define the SEO strategies of all nearest competitors. Competition analysis includes keyword analysis, meta-tag contents, page text content, link popularity and search engine saturation, keyword ranking. In a nutshell, we try to find what is working well and what is not workable for all of your close competitors.

Keyword Analysis

We prepare a detailed keyword research report in spreadsheet that lists the following items.
  • Most targeted Keywords & keywords phrase list suitable to your products and services using Google keyword research tool, Overture keyword tool and Word tracker keyword suggestion tools.
  • Current keyword ranking position of your website on major 3 search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Competion on each targeted keyword in major 3 search engine Google, Yahoo & Bing
  • Monthly search volume locally and globally for each keyword

On page Optimization

We implement the recommendations from Onsite Analysis, this task requires following activities.
  • Meta tag optimization, Alt tag for images, H1-H6 tag and Title tag optimization
  • Required page content changes with keyword inclusion
  • New content page Creation if required to increase keyword relevance
  • Page name changes, Image name changes and folder name cahnges
  • Improvement in site navigation, creating more text links
  • Unique Meta tags Information on each product or service page
  • Creation of Robots.txt file
  • Sitemap xml file creation
  • Google Sitemap creation
  • Yahoo Sitemap creation

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine submission services are included with following steps:
  • Manual web site URL submission to search engines, such as Google, yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask
  • Categorized directory submission.
  • Fixing broken links.
  • Writing useful titles and keywords for effective submission.
  • Site Submission to Dmoz and likely other ODP directories.
  • Timely verification and resubmission.

Review Keyword ranking and Ranking Improvement

We will submit spreadsheet for the following items
  • Rank for particular keyword on each search engine
  • total competition on defined keywords
  • Reporting Date

Link Building
Ipshita desired One Link popularity development program is a long-term strategy to receive free link partnerships from similar kind of websites. Link popularity is one of the highest rated criteria used in ranking websites in the search engines and supports organic Search Engine Optimization.

Benefits of Link Building
  • More relevant traffic to your web site
  • Higher keyword rankings in the search engines.
  • Improvement in sales figures
  • Increases Google page rank of website

Article creation Services

Our Article creation and submission services are included with:
  • You will provide the Article content related to your products / services / company.
  • We can get a professional Article writer for you on request
  • We will submit that article 1000s of  Article directories and Ezines
  • We can get good quality one-way back links by doing this activity

Blogs creation and Submission

Blog creation and submission activity includes the following:
  • Blog text will be given by you. We will create Blog on Blog Website. E.g.,
  • We can get you professional blog writer on request
  • We can install that blog in your existing website also
  • We will submit your blog to various blog directories
  • This will provide high valued one-way back links

SEO Packages

Ipshita desired One aims to provide affordable SEO services to customers of all sizes, from a micro size startup to small business to a mid size and a big size businesses.

We have listed our best rates for SEO packages with all possible SEO activities as follows.

Full SEO Packages :

Package Services Duration Charges (USD)
SEO starter pack
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Onsite Optimization (5 Pages)
  3. Sitemap creation
  4. Robots.txt creation
  5. Search Engine Submission(50)
  6. Google Analytics Installation
  7. Google Web Master Installation

Target Keywords 2
15 Days $250
Standard SEO offer
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Onsite Optimization (10 Pages)
  3. Sitemap Creation
  4. Robots.txt creation
  5. Search Engine Submission(100)
  6. Directory Submission (100)
  7. Blog Creation and Submission (5)
  8. Google Analytics Installation
  9. Google Web Master Installation
  10. Weekly reporting on keywords ranking and traffic

Target Keywords 5
1 month $350
Silver SEO Offer
  1. Keyword Research
  2. Onsite Optimization (15 Pages)
  3. Sitemap creation
  4. Robots.txt creation
  5. Search Engine Submission(100)
  6. Directory Submission, PR1-PR5 (500)
  7. Article Creation & Submission (5)
  8. Social Bookmarking (25)
  9. Blog creation ( 10)
  10. Google Analytics Installation
  11. Google Web Master Installation
  12. Weekly reports on keywords ranking and traffic report.

Target Keywords 10
2 Months   
Gold  SEO Pack
  1. Keyword research
  2. Competition research
  3. Onsite Optimization (25 Pages)
  4. Sitemap and Robots txt creation
  5. Search Engine Submission(100)
  6. Directory Submission (2000)
  7. Article Creation & Submission (30)
  8. Link Exchange (50 per month)
  9. 3-way ( 10 per month)
  10. Press release creation and submission (15)
  11. Blog creation and submission ( 15)
  12. Social Bookmarking (100)
  13. Google Analytics Installation
  14. Google Web Master Installation
  15. Weekly reporting on keywords ranking and traffic

Target Keywords 15
3 Months $1000

Link Building

Link building is a process of creating, building, and promoting a website through one way, two way and three ways linking with other websites. In Organic SEO its highly essential to get more and more external back links to our website. Ipshita desired One opens unlimited and virtually free possibilities for you on internet; however, links submissions are more relevant in organic optimization in various service engines like Google, Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo. How does links submission work for your business? It helps attracting leads, potential customers, employees, vendors to boost your return on your investment.

Our Link Building Services
we build links for your site from following sources
  • Directories
  • Social News websites
  • Social Media Sites
  • University Sites
  • Government Sites
  • The Blogosphere
  • Professional Contacts
  • Our Link builders group

We Also get links to you from following sources
  • Article submission
  • Your own blogsWidgets
  • PR firms and offline marketing
  • Contests of other sites
  • Ask for a link (Directly / Indirectly) to partners
  • Link bait content/Commenting on other sites
  • We create high quality content to attract links

Why to use our permanent links submission suit?
  • Our company has expert team of link builders, who are expert in RSS Feed Submission and link creation.
  • Save time from visiting each directory, website and search engines and submitting your links individually.
  • Some directories require registration, we save your time of doing this all.
  • Use your time to develop your business and plans and we will do the Job of link building for you.

Unique Features of Ipshita desired One Link Building:
  • We take care of keyword proximity and density
  • Purely Manual Blog Directory Submissions
  • Best prices in market
  • Our copywriter write blogs for blogs submission
  • We use best and relevant keywords and phrases
  • Complete weekly report in Excel format

SEO Content Writing

Content Writing is one among the many speciality services of us. Ipshita desired One helps clients to create a unique content for their websites; this helps clients to present their organization well in front of their end customers and also helps in a big way for search engine optimization. 

Ipshita desired One believes content writing is an art. We create the content that will be specific to the service or product which is showcased on the page, keeping your online marketing goals in mind and your customer who is actually going to read it. We have hired speciality content writers from all industry domains so there is no copy content for anything or any products and service.

Web Content Writing

Ipshita desired One tries to make your online presence stronger than ever, the content we write is also being audited and modified by our specialist search engine optimizers, this helps to accommodate all your key phrases for services and products, now those key phrases could be part of our organic search engine optimization or you might be seeking traffic for them through ad words. We consider all when we do content writing for website page.

Ipshita desired One welcomes client suggestions and seek guidance from domain experts, before the content goes live on internet because along with website, the content is most sensitive thing everyone cares about.

Overall a good content can serve you from various aspects, users love to read a neat and meaningful content, the search engine crawlers can easily read it and above all it shows more seriousness of the owner towards the content of the website.

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